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Mon, Oct 17th, 2016 15:34:31
In every election cycle is a myriad of clashes as gladiators to take to the hearts and minds of Americans via social and broadcast media. Candidates do their best to woo unsuspecting people into following them by making pleas to their emotions and/or intellect. With a trickle down effect, the battles take place in homes, businesses, churches and any gathering a person on mission for their candidate/party may be.

The lack of civility in the public square is meted out in every corner of American society until the idea of politics becomes too repulsive and people become indifferent to the institution of politics and their role in maintaining a morally functional society. Instead of healthy dialogue, insults are hurled and an onslaught of mischaracterizarions plague the airwaves. All civility is lost for the sake of a political party winning at the cost of millions of destroyed souls.

Unfortunately, this will be lost to the crowd that does not believe in respecting their fellow American. Many proponents of the political machine will consider the emotions of other Americans as collateral damage for the end game of winning. From candidate to constituent is the animalistic urge to devour anyone and anything that not align itself to their preset principles.

The measures of success are calculated by who maintains the larger crowds at gatherings, better catch phrases and dutiful followers eager to oblige to any request. People prostitute themselves to a cause that has accepted the risk of casualties, even if they become martyrs themselves. But they will die for the cause!

Some have equated large numbers of attendees at political events a sign of strength, as a sign of a revolution. Numbers are irrelevant if the message is not honorable! If numbers were so critical: why denounce the large assembly of Obama supporters at the 2008 victory? Why castigate large assemblies at the stadiums of the largest "faith healers/prosperity pimps?" It was decreed by conservatives that attendees of these large townhalls by liberals were mindless dotes. Yet, now that the momentum has swung in the opposite direction, the rules need not apply? Roman coliseums were filled with martyrs of the early Church. Moreso were the number of seats in the coliseum that were transfixed to the gruesome imagery of Christians being mauled by lions because they would not renounce their faith.

Similarly today, Christians are being mauled by the candidates and their supporters because of their unwillingness to overcommit to a lie. Townhalls and rallies are filled with people eager to do the bidding of their idols and go beyond like the female Trump supporter that is ready for a revolution if Clinton is elected (Pence vs TrumpRevolutionary). And if this woman is ready to go to revolution with a Clinton win, what will she do to the conservative people who refused to vote Trump and be blamed for his loss?

The death threats are already out there by #MAGAAGENTS who are determined to not only evacerate Liberal  Progressives, but they are equally empowered to annihilate #NeverTrump people who refuse to be consumed with the pettiness of politics. Anonymous Trolls engage in cyberwarfare to prop up their candidate and destroy opponents of their god of chaos. Trump has reciprocated the drama by paying eager listeners money to disrupt Clinton/Obama campaign runs.  Extremists from the Alt-Right engage in personal attacks with Americans exercising the very right of free speech that they fear Clinton will take away.

The other side of the aisle may take a less aggressive approach, on paper, but it doesn't negate the dishonesty that riddles their camp. False stats are being promoted by both sides and the level of integrity is lacking equally with liberals/Democrats. Not to mention the paid rioters that were sent to disrupt Trump rallies or burn down cities over manufactured racial tensions.  Overwhelmingly, the mainstream media is maintaining its bias against conservatives and failing to accurately report news that would shed a disparaging light on the candidate that pays their bills and have secured their silence. Their inability to impartially report the news is what gave rise to its counterpart in conservative media. Worse is their refusal to acknowledge the failures of this current administration under Barack Obama and the failure of liberalism/socialism. Instead of sharing the truth that socialism does not work, they detonate all chances of reasoning by their supporters because they control the narrative peddled to the masses. So they taunt a hostile environment that enraged the masses to unbridled hostilities around the country.  Both sides are guilty of the lives destroyed in the massacre called American politics. The gauntlet of chaos and unrest is unleashed and what's left are the bodies of Americans that were families, friends and more. The blood on the streets, in the office or dying in homes have become the collateral damage of the delusion of a binary option in politics. The end result is a society torn by the false promises of a broken system that can only by repaired if it can no longer function. America is at that tipping point. Hold on!




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